Checking Image Formating

By Themeix / 19 January , 2019

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Gallery Post Title Here

By Themeix / 11 January , 2019

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By Themeix / 11 January , 2019

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Writing posts with Ghost ✍️

By Ghost / 14 December , 2018

Getting started with the editor is simple, with familiar formatting options in a functional toolbar and the ability to add dynamic content seamlessly.

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Publishing options

By Ghost / 14 December , 2018

The Ghost editor has everything you need to fully optimise your content. This is where you can add tags and authors, feature a post, or turn a post into a page.

Managing admin settings

By Ghost / 14 December , 2018

There are a couple of things to do next while you're getting set up: making your site private and inviting your team.

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